New Tech Improve Efficacy Of Herbal Medicines By Enhancing Bioavailability: DST

A temperature and flow control ultrasonic spray system for nano-drug formulation could improve efficacy of herbal medicines by enhancing bioavailability of herbal ingredients of medicines, the Department of Science and Technology said on Monday. This device can improve cost-effectiveness and therapeutic efficacy of medicines involving expensive phytomolecules, it added. The delivery of herbal therapeutic ingredients as drugs in conventional forms shows variable and non-uniform absorption. Lower duration of residence in the stomach and varying gastric emptying time may limit the bioavailability of these drugs, the department said in a statement. They are also highly sensitive to temperature, atmospheric moisture, it said. Their hygroscopic nature affects the particle-particle interactions, leads to poor water solubility and contributes to their poor flow in systematic body fluid circulation, according to the statement.

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